Furbert Leo a.k.a. Furby

Our Furby is the king of kittens
With creamy fur and bright white mittens
White bib, white boots, and white muzzle
He loves to kiss and hug and nuzzle

His eyes are of a copper brown
A creamy mane adorns his crown
His little cry is a constant plea
Please you must pay attention to me

He's fearless in his every whim
And everyone's in love with him
He'll climb the shelf and maybe later
He'll climb on the refrigerator

Of all the things that make him dear
Our Furby simply has no fear
He tries and tries and keeps on trying
He's braver than the greatest lion

The fabulous kitty boys now number three
And they mean the world to me
Sunshine, Moonlight, and Furbert Leo
Makes a happy kitty trio!

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