Lady Godiva Candy

My Candy she's a dandy
No sweeter kitten on Earth
She has a long long pedigree
She's royalty right from birth

Her markings are just PURRfect
Her fur is chocolate brown
With caramel colored stripes
That swirl round and round

My Candy she's a dandy
A pedigreed Maine Coon Cat
Her parents are both Champions
Can you imagine that?

Her fur's so soft to touch
Like petals on a rose
But watch out for her thorny claws
That grace her little toes

She plays with all her heart
Then takes a sweet cat nap
I'm happy as can be
When she climbs up on my lap

She'll leap from chair to chair
And then attack a plant
She is so very cute
I don't tell her that she can't

My sweet delicious Candy
Is really such a treat
The reason she's my Candy
Is because she is so sweet

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