From left to right: Puffy, Moony, Sunny, Furby, Tommy, Candy, Rainbow Joy

In my story... Rainbow Joy is the name of the Earthly Rainbow that brings new life to Earth. The Rainbow Bridge is the rainbow that leads to heaven. Our Rainbow's job if you will is to send the new kittens to Earth. Then she herself comes to Earth to her chosen family... who by then understand who she is and that they have been chosen to be her PURRsons which is a very great honor. Her birth is the end of the story...

Each of the cats are symbolic and teach us the things we needed to know before he or she could come to us...


is the feline evangelist... who comes to make us fall in love with cats. She taught us to never turn love away!

Sunny and Moony

are symbolic of the passage of time and how life can be bitter and sweet...


is symbolic of fun, frivolity, just having a good time...


is symbolic of luxury and beauty... not feeling guilty to want something precious and beautiful.


is symbolic of never-ending love coming to us from our loved ones who have departed.

Rainbow Joy

is the queen of the rainbow who brings forth new life...
Joy blessed us with kittens on Dec. 15, 2001.


is our FURever kitten. (but someday he'll be a lot bigger).

All of my cats have poems or songs written in their honor. We invite you to browse.

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